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Specializing in insurance and estate jewelry appraisals and liquidation of modern, estate, antique fine jewelry, diamonds, gemstones and watches. Serving Connecticut, Massacheusetts and Rhode Island from his office in Chester, Connecticut, Paul Indorf has been a professional in the jewelry industry since 1990 and served as the staff appraiser for Peter Indorf Jewelers for 17 years.
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INK Magazine Feature Story - February 2013

American Gem Society

Paul is a Master Gemologist Appraiser® with the American Society of Appraisers. In addition, Connecticut Jewelry Appraisers is designated by the American Gem Society as an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser firm. Paul is one of three appraisers in the country who has earned these two designations.

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Why choose an “Independent Appraiser”

Independent appraisers are the recognized authority on the appraisal of gems and jewelry. They have completed specialized training and maintain extensive professional credentials. They represent an unbiased valuation of the jewelry they appraise because they are professional appraisers and are not engaged in the business of selling gems and jewelry to retail clients. Read more..

Time to Appraise and Insure Jewelry!

Did you recently receive a gift of jewelry? Lucky you! Now show how important these items are by making sure they are properly protected under your insurance plan. A written appraisal may be required to have the jewelry scheduled on your insurance. If so, when you have the new jewelry appraised, I recommend a review of any other appraisals to determine if you are adequately covered. The jewelry market fluctuates much like the stock market, so appraisals should be updated every 3-5 years. Don’t delay! Losses can happen at any time.

In addition, you may feel free to contact me to learn the other ways my expertise can be of value. In invite you to call me before making a significant jewelry purchase and get my unbiased advice. I will be able to explain if the purchase you wish to make is at a fair price and if the quality of the item is properly represented. Once you have made the purchase, I can appraise the item and review and update your other appraisals. I also prepare estate, distribution and divorce appraisals and can help liquidate estates, large diamonds, jewelry and gemstones.

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Paul Indorf Jewelry Appraiser

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